EXCLUSIVE: ‘777 Charlie’ is the toughest film in Rakshit Shetty’s life, how to shoot with dogs

Rakshit Shetty is one of the superstars of Kannada film industry. Fans eagerly wait for his films. However, this time his upcoming film ‘777 Charlie’ is being considered by people as a strong competition for Hindi films. Like the film ‘KGF 2’ and ‘RRR’, it is going to be dubbed and released in many languages. It will be seen in theaters after three days from today. Kiranraj K. Directed by ‘777 Charlie’ is very special in many ways.

Let us tell you that the story of the upcoming film ‘777 Charlie’ revolves around a dog named Charlie. People have been waiting for a long time for this film showing the bonding between dogs and its owner. At the same time, Rakshit Shetty himself is also very excited for this film. Talking to News18Hindi, Rakshit Shetty spoke about all the experiences related to the film, which he first felt towards a dog on the shooting set.

Was it difficult to shoot with dogs?
In the conversation, Rakshit Shetty confessed that ‘777 Charlie’ is the most difficult film of his life. Describing this, he said, as an actor, this is really the most difficult film of my life because not only did I have to act in the film but I also had to command Doggie. Acting was also to be done with him (Doggy). Which was very difficult.

Many takes had to be taken for one shot
Describing how he acted with Doggy in the film, he further said that after every shooting schedule, there was a workshop every week. In which the trainer used to train the dogs and I would later learn that command of the trainer and then later practice with the dogs. In such a situation, we had to take 50-60 takes to complete this one shot because it was very difficult to coordinate with the dogs. Still, I tried to complete each take with the dogs perfectly.

Rakshit Shetty will adopt Charlie himself
For your information, let us tell you that Rakshit Shetty has done a film with Adopted Dogs (Domestic Pets). He told that the dog that was selected for the film was a rescue dog who was only four months old. The funniest thing about the film is that even though you can see 2 Charlies on the screen, there are 4 Charlies in total. In which one of Charlie is going to be adopted by Rakshit Shetty himself.

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