‘Everyone still doubts my acting skills’, Amyra Dastur took a dig at Bollywood


Amyra Dastur is in discussion about her film ‘Jogi’.
He is opposite Diljit Dosanjh in the film based on the Delhi riots.

Amyra Dustur News. Amyra Dastur, who easily attracts the audience with her cute looks, is in discussion about her film ‘Jogi’ these days. Amyra Jahan, who plays the character of village girl ‘Kammo’ in the film, is very famous in the South Industry. At the same time, he has not got such a better space in Bollywood so far. Amyra is very conscious about the selection of films. According to him, there are still doubts about his acting skills.

Amyra Dastur has become the love interest of Diljit Dosanjh in the film ‘Jogi’. The film is based on the 1984 Delhi riots. The film, which released last week, is getting love from the audience and Amyra’s work is also being liked. Regarding the selection of the film, Amyra says that while selecting the film, I pay special attention to two things. One, how effective is my character in the film and how will it affect the audience? Second, whether I fit in that character or not. When this film came to me, the story attracted me a lot and I immediately agreed.

Directors still can’t believe it
in many movies Amyra Dastur She has shown her talent but still she has not got any such project in Bollywood, which can show her talent. According to an interview published in Hindustan Times, Amyra says that those who do not know me still have doubts about my acting skills. All I have to say is that I should be seen by taking a screen test so that it can be known whether I am fit in that character or not.

Don’t just be a wallflower
Amyra says that even though my character in films is small, it should be good. I don’t want to do only glamorous characters in films. In a way, I don’t want to be a wallflower. My character should have a connection with the film. It should have that much power that it remains in the mind of the audience. This is the reason why when I am offered only glam doll characters, I refuse.

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