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Did Rahul Vaidya take a jibe at Urfi Javed’s fashion sense? Know what the singer said

Mumbai: Rahul Vaidya, who came into the limelight from Bigg Boss 14, is also known for his impeccable style. He speaks openly on any topic and his style was also discussed in Salman Khan’s show. Rahul Vaidya likes to keep things straight without twisting and twisting and this is the reason why he garnered millions of fans during the reality show. Meanwhile, Rahul Vaidya has once again come into the limelight, that too with one of his tweets.

In his tweet, Rahul Vaidya has written such a thing, due to which users are guessing that his tweet is for the alias Javed. However, Singer has not written anyone’s name in his tweet. But, this tweet of Rahul Vaidya is being discussed a lot. Users are giving different types of feedback on this and are claiming that this tweet of theirs is pointing towards the alias Javed.

In this tweet, Rahul Vaidya wrote- ‘I saw a photo on Instagram today. My wife sent this photo to me. And mark my words “In the coming days people will start posting nude in the name of fashion and trend.” Save this tweet for proof. May God have mercy on us. This tweet of Rahul Vaidya is now being discussed a lot.

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Rahul Vaidya’s tweet. (Photo Credits: Twitter: @rahulvaidya23)

Reacting to Rahul Vaidya’s tweet, a user wrote – ‘I understand who you are talking about.’ At the same time, another user writes – ‘Urfi Javed, she can do anything.’ At the same time, some users are also talking about the effect of such pictures on children. One user wrote- ‘Rahul Vaidya, such pictures are affecting our children too.’

Although Rahul Vaidya has not written anyone’s name in this tweet, but users are speculating that he has done this tweet in the context of alias Javed. Actually, Bigg Boss OTT fame, aka Javed is in discussion these days due to his strange outfits. Often Urfi is seen in different avatars, on which even the netizens do not shy away from reacting.

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