Dharmendra reacted to the news of ill health, said – ‘I am silent, not sick’

Mumbai: Veteran Bollywood actor Dharmendra on Monday shared a video on social media, dismissing media reports related to his health and asked his fans to think “positively”. Along with this, Dharmendra Deol Health also stressed on not paying attention to the rumours. Dharmendra (86) has shared a 42-second video (Dharmendra Deol Video) on his Twitter handle, which is now in discussion everywhere.

Through this video, the actor informed his fans that he is completely fine. He said that he remained silent on the media speculation about his health, but he is not ill. Recently, there were reports in the media about the health of the actor that his health is not good, due to which he has been admitted to the hospital.

In this video he said, “Friends, stay positive and think positive. Life will also be positive. I am silent but not sick. Rumors keep flying.” Referring to the song “Bura Mat Suno” from his 1969 film “Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke”, the actor also asked fans to take care of themselves. Dharmendra’s health seems completely fine in the video.

Earlier in the day, Dharmendra’s sons Sunny and Bobby Deol had rubbished reports about the father’s ill health. Sunny Deol said in a conversation with PTI-language, “My father is completely healthy”. . Bobby Deol said that his father is at his Mumbai residence and it is sad that people spread rumors about his health.

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