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Desi star Samar Singh clashes with ‘Jam Se Jam’ with Salt, Chili and Bhuje! self shared video

Bhojpuri actor Samar Singh is known for his desi style. From music videos to Instagram reel videos, he does not hold back from showing his desi style. Fans also like his Bhojpuria style a lot. In such a situation, now the actor and singer have shared another video of themselves, in which they can be seen partying with friends. This party of his is such a party that you think some other kind of depiction must be happening. But this is the most different of the parties so far.

Samar Singh has shared his video on Instagram. It is being seen in this that he is having a desi party with friends after a long time. This desi party is such that even you will be compelled to think. Actually, Samar Singh’s party is not about any wine, but it is salt-pepper and roasted. These items also have juice, which they are enjoying with friends and they are very happy with it. Seeing this party of his, we remember the days of the village 20 years ago, when our grandparents used to do this. In earlier times people used to gather together and make juice of guna and eat bhuja along with salt, chilli or green chutney (ground on a cobweb) and enjoy this party differently. People used to do this often in the afternoon.

Today, Samar Singh has reminded him of the old days by sharing this video of his (Samar Singh viral video). However, Samar Singh’s party is all desi things, but the juice is not of quality, but it is mango juice or bael juice, which is visible. Sharing the video, the actor wrote, ‘Today after recording many songs, sipping juice together’. His video has got more than 7 thousand likes. Fans are praising their favorite star fiercely.

‘Saiyaan Dawtaare’ is going viral

Let us tell you that these days the song ‘Saiyan Dawtare’ of Samar Singh has become very popular on social media. Fans are fiercely making reels videos on this song. In the joy of being a hit, the actor has also given information by sharing its poster. The song has got more than 5 million views. Apart from this, recently his new song ‘Nili Nili Akhiyon Wali’ has also been released, which is getting a good response from the fans. Neha Raj has sung this song with him.

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