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Bhojpuri actor and singer Deepak Dildar rules the hearts of the audience. His songs are covered on YouTube as soon as they come. What to say if there is a pair of Shilpi Raj with them. Deepak Dildar and Shilpi Raj’s latest song Sprite has garnered over 9 million views on YouTube. People are listening to this song very fast and this song is blowing the neck even in the wedding-party.

Shilpi Raj also has voice

Deepak Dildar’s song ‘Sprite’ has been released from his official YouTube channel. People are enjoying this song a lot. The song has got 9 million views so far. Now it is moving towards a new record. Shilpi Raj has given voice in the song. Sona Pandey is seen in the music video. The song is composed by Babua Bhuvan and music by Deepak Dilkash. The song is supported by Rakesh Pandey, while director Chhotu Bihari and choreographer are Vicky DS.

Dramebad son-in-law ready for release

Along with the song Deepak Dildar, the audience is also waiting for some of his films. Among them, the film ‘Dramebaaz son-in-law’ with Bhojpuri’s famous actress Lulia Girl Nidhi Jha will be released soon. The post production work of the film is going on.

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