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Debina Banerjee is understanding the meaning of daughter’s crying, said- ‘Planning has to be done according to Liana’

Debina Banerjee It is Debina Bonnerjee First Mother’s Day for herself. Debina considers the feeling of becoming a mother very special. Debina gave birth to daughter Liana on 3 April. Recently his daughter completed one month. He says, “This year these days are different for me. It feels great to be a mother. After that life changes a lot. Whatever you used to think without blinking, now all those thoughts come keeping in mind the well being of the child, be it traveling or whatever. Everything has to be planned according to him, will he be able to adjust completely or not.”

Hindustan Times According to the report, Debina Banerjee (Debina Bonnerjee On Parenting) says that the hardest part of being a parent is understanding what it means for a child to cry. He said, “We are trying to find out what our baby girl thinks. What she wants, what is the meaning of her crying, you have to understand it from day one.”

Debina understood mother’s condition

Debina Banerjee adds, “Now I can understand my mother, who tries everyday to find out what is going on in my mind. What do I want to eat, what am I thinking. She wants to be understood before I can even think about it or understand it.” Debina says that ever since she became a mother, she is able to relax only when her baby is with her mother.

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Debina is learning parenting from mother

Debina Bonnerjee said, “I don’t think I would be able to do anything without her (mother) parenting tips. My mother is the architect of my life right now. I don’t think I will be able to sleep at all. It is because my mother was also where I am today, if I can rely on anyone other than myself then it is my mother. When my baby is with them, I am able to relax.”

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