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Death Anniversary: ​​Kaifi Azmi got ‘Mizwan’ recognized in the world, their marriage was like a film story

Kaifi Azmi Death Anniversary: Today is the death anniversary of Kaifi Azmi. This village has got international recognition due to Kaifi born in Mijwan village of Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. Kaifi left the world of poetry 20 years ago. Kaifi, who recognized Urdu adab in Indian cinema, had said goodbye to the world on 10 May 2002. The specialty of Kaifi was that shero-shayari written by him is a part of common life today. ‘You who are smiling so much, there is sorrow that you are hiding..’ We all often say these lines, its author was Kaifi Azmi. Many books can be written about him, but on his death anniversary, he tells an interesting story of the beautiful moments of his life.

Kaifi Azmi, who gave color to the Mushairas in the 20s, explained the philosophy of life to Hindi cinema with his songs, and also applied ointment to the painful heart. When he presented the voice of romance, pain, loneliness in his own words, people got up in awe. In ‘Heer Ranjha’, Kaifi wrote ‘If you don’t meet then we should panic’ and in ‘Kaagaz Ke Phool’, wrote ‘Waat ne kiya kya haseen sitam..’. As long as there is love in the world, such poets will remain alive in hearts.

First Ghazal written at the age of 11
At the age when children are considered innocent, at that age Kaifi Azmi started learning poetry and ghazals. It is said that at the age of 11, Kaifi wrote the first Ghazal. As a teenager, he started tying the knot in the Mushairas. This hobby of shero-shayari-ghazal brought him to Mumbai. What was then such fame that Kaifi Azmi’s discussions started happening all over the world from Mijwan via Mumbai.

A girl insisting on marriage after listening to Kaifi’s song
Kaifi Azmi’s marriage is also a gift of Mushaira. Its story is also very funny. It is said that when Kaifi used to come on stage, his voice, his gestures and the way of narrating his nazm was so wonderful that the listeners used to get lost. Actually, Kaifi recited the ‘Taj’ song in a mushaira in Hyderabad. A beautiful girl became addicted to Kaifi’s Tarannum. She told her father that if she would marry then only Kaifi… though she was engaged to Mamu’s daughter. His father at first tried to explain but then said that let me take you to Bombay and decide to see Kaifi’s life there.

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His father brought him to Bombay to introduce him to Kaifi.
That girl met Kaifi, then his father asked, now tell me, will you marry.. He said that even if he works as a laborer, I will marry him. What was then that Abba got the marriage done. That woman was Shaukat Kaifi, who herself is a big name in the theater world. He himself narrated the story of his marriage in an interview to BBC.

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