‘Dear Diya’ is coming to rule your hearts, the trailer of the film released

For the past several decades, remakes of Hindi films have been made in South Indian languages ​​and many of these films have also proved to be superhit. The process of making Hindi remakes of South Indian languages ​​films and becoming box office hits is also very old. In such a situation, the Hindi remake of Kannada language hit film ‘Diya’ will soon be in front of the audience in the name of ‘Dear Diya Trailer’, whose trailer has been released today. Kannada film ‘Diya’ was released in February 2020 and the film received an IMDB rating of 8.2, which is the highest IMDB rating ever achieved by any Kannada-speaking film. The Telugu remake of this film was released in September, 2021 under the name ‘Dear Megha’ and like the original Kannada, the Telugu remake was also well received by the audience.

It is worth noting that now this film was announced to be made in Hindi by Natrix Entertainment Pvt Ltd, which is now ready. Let me tell you, Prithvi Amber, who played the lead role in the original Kannada film, will also be seen in an important role in the Hindi film (Dear Diya). KS Ashoka, who directed the Kannada film, will also direct the Hindi film.

The three main characters of this film are- Mihika KushwahaThe love-triangle between Ujjwal Sharma and Prithvi Amber is presented with great beauty and seriousness. Diya (Mihika Kushwaha) falls in love with Rohit (Ujwal), but due to her shy nature, it takes her 3 years to express her feelings. When it seems that everything is going well, Diya becomes a victim of an accident and then Diya is told that Rohit has died in an accident.

When Diya starts dating Adi (Prithvi Amber). Later he learns that Rohit is not dead but alive. In such a situation, Diya’s life changes completely. But the story does not end here, but after this there are many interesting twists in the film, about which you will know only after watching the film. Kamlesh Singh Kushwaha, the producer of ‘Dear Diya’ spoke openly about the film. When asked the question, what was the experience of shooting the Hindi remake of an already hit South Indian film? To this he said, “No, it was not that difficult to re-shoot and make the film as the director of the film was well versed with the script.”

On the question that what is so special about the film ‘Dear Diya’ that this film will make an important place in the list of superhit films? On this Kamlesh Kushwaha said, “The film proved to be a superhit in Kannada language, while there was not a single song in this film. But we have added 4 beautiful songs in this film, which have been decorated with their beautiful voice by celebrated singers like Jubin Nautyal, Shankar Mahadevan, Palak Muchhal and Jyothika Tangri. I am sure that this film is going to be a smashing film.”

Talking about this film, Miheeka Kushwaha said, “We have always grown up watching such Bollywood movies where the love-triangle has been presented to us in a perfect form. But after watching this film you will have a unique feeling. This film will take you to the ground of reality and practicality through its story. We hope this film will touch your hearts and make you think.” The film will be released in cinemas across the country on June 10.

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