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Dave Chappelle was attacked during the show, VIDEO went viral then remembered Chris Rock-Will Smith

During the Oscars, people could not even forget the slap between Chris Rock and Will Smith that a similar case has come to the fore again. American standup comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked by a man during the show. The attack took place at the Hollywood Ball Venue in Los Angeles. The video of this incident is now becoming increasingly viral on social media. After the incident, however, the Los Angeles Police team started action and arrested the accused person.

According to Hollywood Reporter magazine, on Tuesday night, Dave Chappelle was listening to a comedy set in Los Angeles. The comedian was participating in the ‘Netflix Ek Joke’ comedy festival. This comedy festival was taking place at the Hollywood Ball Venue of the city. Then a man came on stage and attacked him and Dave Chappelle fell to the ground.

the target was made with a weapon
On the matter, the police say that the age of the attacker is about 23 years, he had targeted the comedian with a weapon. The police have found a handgun from the accused, which had a knife and a blade.

Accused arrested on bail of 30 thousand dollars
Police have identified the accused as Yashasah of Los Angeles. The police arrested the accused on bail of 30 thousand dollars.

Chappell is currently in good health
It is a matter of relief for the fans of the comedian that Chappell is completely healthy at the moment. He was taken to the hospital after the attack. Let us tell you that the comedian was recently facing criticism due to transphobic jokes and was being opposed. Chappell has been awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2019.

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