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Chhavi Mittal: How TV actress recovered after breast cancer showed surgery scars Chhavi Mittal: How TV actress recovered after breast cancer showed surgery scars

Chhavi Mittal - India TV Hindi
Chhavi Mittal


  • Chhavi Mittal’s picture surfaced when Mahima Chaudhary was diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Chhavi shared the picture of the surgery scar on Instagram

Chhavi MittalCancer problem has become common these days. Recently it has been learned that Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhary is suffering from breast cancer. A video of Mahima getting her treatment surfaced, seeing which her fans became emotional. Now TV actress Chhavi Mittal recently told her fans how she has recovered from this deadly disease.

Chhavi shared a picture of breast cancer surgery scars among fans. Taking to her Instagram, the actress shared a set of four pictures in which she is dressed in a yellow gown. In the first picture, she is seen showing off her post-surgery scar with her back to the camera.

She also shared a small note in the caption, “Scar. You can see on the body, you can’t see the mark that is on the soul of someone who is suffering from this disease. Tomorrow when I need to show this scar.” If you got courage, there were some who were astonished at the sight of it.

She ends her post by saying that she is proud to be a cancer survivor after defeating the disease.

“These scars remind me of the battle I fought and won. I would never want to hide the scars of these battles,” she said.

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