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Chahat Khanna wrote a post on Urfi Javed, in counterattack, Urfi said – ‘You have become a wife 2-2 times…’

TV actress Chahat Khanna had come in the news last days after her name came in the case of Mahathug Sukesh Chandrashekhar. But after this matter, now Chahat has once again clashed with Urfi Javed on social media. Between Chahat and Urfi, there is a lot of Tu-Tu Main-Main happening on Instagram. While Chahat Khanna has said things like ‘not working’ and ‘semi nude sporting’ on Urfi, Urfi has commented targeting Chahat’s two unsuccessful marriages. Not only this, Urfi himself has shared some bold pictures of Chahat in his Instagram story.

Chahat Khanna has written in his Instagram story targeting Urfi, ‘Jumping into an argument just for the sake of publicity without knowing the facts means making a fool of yourself. What to argue with the brainless, if I was intelligent, I would have worked or shot, and not done semi nude spotting. Come on no one, you are worthy of aunt, wife or mother, or else you should be happy by calling others aunty. May Allah bless you.’ Along with this, Chahat has also written the hashtag Javed. In fact, Urfi had called Chahat an aunt.

Chahat Khanna, Urfi Javed, Urfi Javed and Chahat Khanna fight

Chahat Khanna’s post.

While in his retaliation, Urfi shared Chahat’s post in his story and wrote, ‘Take a look at the semi nude…’. After this, Urfi has shared some bold pictures of Chahat.

Chahat Khanna, Urfi Javed, Urfi Javed and Chahat Khanna fight

This fight between Chahat and Urfi is going on on social media.

Urfi Javed has also shared her videos in her story, in which she is seen saying, ‘It is such an aunty thing that you are not fit to be a mother, wife. Hey, I don’t want to be anyone’s wife. I do not want the concept that if a woman does not become a mother or a wife then she is incomplete. I do not believe in this concept, I feel completely complete. And you want to tell me, you have become a wife twice, you must know that nothing is kept in this marriage litigant. And yes, Chahat ji aapko was last seen in a serial in 1920 while doing a side role. So don’t talk to me about work. Whether I work or not, I am running my house that you are running…’

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