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Case filed against South actress Mumtaj under Child Labor Act, alleging that 2 girls are forced to work

Tamil actress Mumtaj is known for her superb performance in films like ‘Monisha En Monalisa’, ‘Khushi’. Apart from Tamil, he has also worked in films in Malayalam and Kannada languages. It is seen that she has not been seen in films for almost 7 years and has kept distance from the big screen, but is still in the headlines. The reason for this is nothing but two girls who have filed a case against him for forced work in the police. It is being told that a case has also been registered against the actress under the Child Labor Act.

Mumtaz has been living with her brother’s family in Anna Nagar Chennai for some time now. It is being told in the reports that the 19-year-old girl contacted the police control room and said that she was being harassed. Who is working in the house of actress Mumtaz and has requested for help. It is being said that the actress and her family are accused of being tortured if the girl seeks work in some other house. It is being told that fed up with these, the girl lodged her complaint with the police. It is being told in the reports that both the girls belong to Uttar Pradesh. The girl and her 17-year-old sister are being told as Mumtaz’s maid.

In media reports, the victim girl is being told that she was a maid in Mumtaz’s house for 6 years last year. It is being told that she no longer wants to work with him and wants to go to her home, but the actress and her family are not allowing her to go. According to the news, on the basis of the complaint of the girl, a case has been registered against Mumtaz under the Child Labor Act and both those girls have been saved. Based on the complaint of harassment, it has been handed over to the State Archives.

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