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Body Transformation: Vineet Kumar Singh gained 10 kg weight in a few days for this OTT show

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Vineet Kumar Singh increased his weight by 10 kg in a few days for this OTT show


  • Recently the trailer of Vineet Kumar Singh’s upcoming show Rangbaaz 3: Darr Ki Politics has surfaced.
  • Vineet Kumar Singh also worked hard for Mukkabaaz

Actor Vineet Kumar Singh won the hearts of people by performing brilliantly in the film ‘Mukkabaaz’. He also played a memorable role in Netflix’s series Betaal and Gunjan Saxena, he works equally hard for the good actor he is. Now he is ready to entertain the fans with another powerful character. Actually, recently the trailer of Vineet Kumar Singh’s upcoming show Rangbaaz 3: Darr Ki Politics has come out. As soon as it came, there was a storm all over the internet. Vineet will be seen playing the role of Haroon Shah Ali Baig (also known as Saheb) in this series. For this role, he did his tremendous body transformation and within just a few days, he gained up to 10 kg.

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Vineet Kumar Singh transformed himself into a boxer for Mukkabaaz and for which he did a year of rigorous training with boxers in Punjab. Now once again he has completely transformed himself for Rangbaaz 3 which was extremely difficult for him. Recently, the actor has been seen talking openly on this.

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Vineet Kumar Singh said, “It was very difficult to gain 10 kilos for this role but it was demanding of the character and it was very important for me to see the role I was playing. I had to undergo a strict diet and rigorous training for the character. But it has been a wonderful journey and I am looking forward to the release of the series. It is a dark, complex yet soulful character and I really enjoyed playing it. ,

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Vineet Kumar Singh will be seen in many more interesting projects this year which include Siya, Aadhaar, Dil Hai Grey.

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