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Bhojpuri’s ‘Lulia’ went on honeymoon after marriage, looked romantic with her husband, kissed and said – ‘With the love of life’

Actress Nidhi Jha, popularly known as Lulia in Bhojpuri cinema world, has gone to Maldives these days for honeymoon with husband and actor Yash Kumar. Both of them got married on May 2 in Mumbai and have now reached Maldives (Nidhi jha Maldives Photos) for honeymoon. Meanwhile, Nidhi is also very active on social media and is sharing a lot of photos and videos while enjoying with her husband. In such a situation, now in her latest photo, she can be seen romantic with husband Yash Kumar. Together both are giving couple goals. Fans are very fond of it. Their picture is going viral.

Nidhi Jha has shared a romantic photo of honeymoon with husband Yash kumar on her Instagram account (Nidhi jha instagram). Along with sharing this photo, the actress wrote, ‘With the love of my life… Yash Kumar my husband’ Nemo Nikku Forever. Fans are very fond of his picture. Together, both are giving the best couple goals, on which the fans are lavishing love. If we talk about the look of the couple in the photo, then Nidhi can be seen in a backless short black dress.

Nidhi jha get Romantic With Husband Yash kumar during Honeymoon

In this, her glamorous look is getting to be seen. He is wearing a sleeper during this. Also, she is kissing husband Yash Kumar. At the same time, if we talk about actor Yash, then he can be seen in jeans and shirt. He is seen smiling wearing glasses in it. The couple is very happy to get married and live together. Both have found their love, its happiness is getting to see clearly on their faces.

Nidhi Jha’s husband is the father of a daughter

Let us tell you that while this is the first marriage of Nidhi Jha, this is the second marriage of actor Yash Kumar. Before falling in love with Nidhi, the actor had settled down with Anjana Singh, but it is said that both of them got divorced later. He also has a daughter Aditi Singh from this marriage, who lives with his mother. The actress is often seen sharing her photos and videos with him. However, now Yash has separated from Anjana Singh and Nidhi Jha has entered his life. Both are very happy in their family life and are enjoying it a lot.

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