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Bhojpuri Song: This Bhojpuri actress became the wife of Desi Star Samar Singh! Bid- ‘Just one berry is running away from home’

Singer Samar Singh, who is known for his Bhojpuri cinema’s strong actor and Khati Bhojpuria style, is not interested in any identity today. If any of his songs come, it creates a ruckus. Where these days the stars are releasing the video of Navratri Song one by one. At the same time, now Samar has released his fun filled video song. The lyrics of this song are ‘Bas Ek Beri Ghar Se Bhagal Rahi’. In this, actress Sona Pandey has given a wonderful performance with him.

The video of Bhojpuri song ‘Bas Ek Beri Ghar Se Bhagal Rahi’ has been released by Samar Singh Official YouTube Channel. This song has been filmed on husband and wife. In this, the husband and wife are none other than Bhojpuri actress Sona Pandey and Samar Singh. Sona is playing the role of Samar’s wife and is wooing her a lot. At the same time, the desi star is looking very angry with him. They are getting angry and are seen running away from them.

In the video, Samar Singh is angry with actress Sona Pandey because he comes to know that his onscreen wife is having an affair with someone else in a bachelor. On this the actress tells him that ‘the people of false hamara naihar said that there was a delay with many people. We were madly in love with empty egos. Just one plum Saiyan was running away from home. On this the actress shows her amazing dance moves and expressions and Samar gets very upset. He curses himself that he is trapped by marrying her. The chemistry between the two is being liked a lot in the video. It has got nearly one lakh views.

The song ‘Bas Ek Beri Ghar Se Bhagal Rahi’ is sung by Shilpi Raj along with Samar Singh. This sounds like a very good song in the voice of both. Lyrics for this have been written by Yadav Raj and choreographer is Sunny Sonkar. Music is directed by Priyanshu Singh. The video is directed by Ashish Satyarthi. Apart from this, if we talk about Samar Singh Devi Geet, then songs like ‘Sawaal Jawab Makabla’, ‘Chala Piya Qamar Gila Las’ have been released. Along with this, his song ‘Babua Ke Dhalihin Kora Balam’ is about to be released. Its teaser video has also been released. In this, he is going to be seen with actress Chandni Singh.

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