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Bhojpuri: Prithviraj Kapoor Jawan Kahale Rahan Aaj Uhe Prakash Jha…

Prakash Jha’s kahanam ba, if the story does not exist in the film, then it will not work. Whether there are many famous actors in the film Hokhas. Wanted the story in the film. Original content wanted. Due to lack of it, the film is failing nowadays. Ahi tare 1951: Prithviraj Kapoor in Patna, theater ts sajal ba but khele khater niman play naikhe milat. The great writer of Hindi urges people to understand the meaning of our mind. If we get a chance to act in the writings of the great Hindi playwrights, then we understand that we are blessed. After Ekra, Prithviraj Kapoor played many dramas written by litterateurs Ramvriksha Benipuri and Janaki Vallabh Shastri. Means theater is like cinema, in every period there is a demand for the story of Niman.

But where is the question of the litterateur in the cinema?
Motilal ‘Madhukar’ asked the question, but in Hindi cinema where did the literary person ask? Premchand, who wrote the story of happiness and sorrow of the society and family, should not be able to live in the film world. Akke Cinema wrote the story of ‘Mill Mazdoor’ that Man Ubiya Gill. Due to truncation and interference in the story, Anraj left the city of Mayanagari. Then give Ramjanam reply, it is right that Premchand may not have been successful in the film world, but Gulshan Nanda did wonders. Ekra Bado Some litterateurs were successful in film world and television. Dr Rahi Masoom Raza, Pandit Narendra Sharma, Khwaja Ahmed Abbas, Kamleshwar were getting success. The film ‘Chitralekha’, written by Bhagwati Charan Verma, was successful. RK Narayan’s novel PS Banal Film ‘Guide’ was a silver jubilee manavale. The success of the litterateur in the cinema was mixed. But in the play his important Jogdan Ba. Bhartendu Harishchandra’s Andher Nagri, Jaishankar Prasad’s Dhruvaswamini, Ramvriksha Benipuri’s Ambapali, Mohan Rakesh’s Asad Ke One Day, Dharamveer Bharti’s Andhayug Natak became very popular.

Patna Isle Rahan Prithviraj Kapoor in 1951
Writer Mathuralal called ‘Manmauji’, wrote many memoirs about Ramvriksha Benipuri, Prithviraj Kapoor. We have read something about Accra. The great litterateur Ramvriksha, who made pictures with words, was very close to Prithviraj Kapoor of Benipuri. In 1951, Prithviraj Kapoor with his drama troupe lived in Patna Isle. Dera Jalle stayed in Patna for about twelve days. Keep playing the Chhav Go drama. Admi’s crowds swelled to watch their plays. The seats keep getting full earlier. After the cost of money, there is no scope for bado tickets. Entire Patna remained mad for watching his play. In 1946, Benipuri Ji Jannayak JP Sathe Bombay Gill Rahan. Keep writing the play Benipuri ji Oh Ghari Ambapali. But don’t be foolish. In Bombay, Benipuri ji personally met Prithviraj Kapoor. Eh molkat mein Benipuri ji aapn nataka Ambapali ke charcha kaile. Prithviraj Kapoor was very impressed after hearing the opening part of the play. O Benipuri ji, stop listening to the whole drama for three days.

Raj Kapoor talks to poet Vitthalbhai Patel
Mathuralal’s mind-blowing talk continued. Prithviraj Kapoor is like Raj Kapoor too. He was also very attached to the story writer and the poet. U Hire Ke Raul Kaile Rahan in the novel PS Banal film Teesri Kasam by famous litterateur of Bihar, Phanishwarnath Renu. E film Banavale Rahan Poet Shailendra. Shailendra had many names in the literary world. Vitthalbhai Patel, Congress leader of Madhya Pradesh also lived as a poet. He was known to Shailendra. When the shooting of the film Teesri Kasam was taking place in Purnia, Bihar, then Bithal Bai Patel met Shailendra. According to the situation of the story, also advise to shoot in Bundelkhand of Madhya Pradesh. The shooting of the song ‘Lali Lali Doliya Mein Lali Re Dulhinaya’ remained in Bundelkhand. At the same time, Raj Kapoor’s acquaintance was with Bithalbhai Patel.

Bobby’s lyricist, then MLA minister
When Mathuralal was temperamental, when the film ‘Mera Naam Joker’ failed, then Raj Kapoor drowned in debt. Leave the old Sangha with them. Then Raj Kapoor made the new team and made the film Bobby Banawale. Laxmikant Pyare Lal Rakhle as the music composer. When the song was written, then his poet Bitthal Bhai Patel’s Iyad Ail. Bitthal Bhai wrote two songs of Bobby – ‘Jhooth bole crowva kaate’ and ‘Na Mangu Sona Chandi Na Mangu Hiramoti’. duno song super hit rahal. In Ekra Aalva Ego and Poet Bobby, he wrote songs – Rajpoet Inderjit Singh Tulsi. Unkar Likhal song- Narendra Chanchal of Gawle Rahan of ‘Sesh Mandir Masjid’. Later, Bitthalbhai Patel became an MLA from Surkhi assembly constituency of Madhya Pradesh on Congress ticket in 1980 and 1985. He was also a minister in the government of Arjun Singh and Motilal Bora.

Prakash Jha Hermesa Contemporary Visaya PS Film Banawale
Bhojpuri poet Neelkant is called ‘Nilesh’, but in the context of Prakash Jha’s youth, he is new to literature. He meant that the story should be contemporary and the original story should be liked by the youth. The remake of South Bha Hollywood did not work. Hindi ke aapne naya kahani hokhe ke chahiye. Prakash Jha was emphasizing on the original story from the beginning. The first film ‘Damul’ was based on the story ‘Kalasutra’ by Banawale Rahan J. Algae. Around 1980, the life of the bonded laborer in Bihar was suffering, he lost his life in Damul. Getting a national award for a film. After going through a lot of research from village to village, keep writing the story. Prakash Jha’s death penalty film was also made on his story. Gangajal, kidnapping, reservation, like this film, remain on the original content. Even today, even today, even if the film was made serial on its contemporary basis, Rahal Bade. After Neelkanth, other writers also thought on their own.

(Ashok Kumar Sharma is a freelance journalist, views written in the article are his personal.)

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