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Bhojpuri Navratri Song: Preeti Rai and Aastha Singh Bahai ‘Aanshua Ke Dhar’ in front of Mother Goddess, have you seen?

Navratri is going to start from 26th September, for which preparations are going on in full swing in Bhojpuri music industry. Bhojpuri stars are releasing Devi songs one by one and their songs have created a devotional atmosphere. His video songs are being liked a lot by the audience. The song of singer Preeti Rai and actress Aastha Singh has also been included in this list, which is a parting video song of Mother Goddess. It is very touching and heart touching. The lyrics of this song are ‘Aanshuaa Ke Dhar’.

Bhojpuri Devi Bidai geet ‘Aanshuaa Ke Dhar’ has been released by Worldwide Records Bhojpuri’s YouTube channel. In this song, the idol of the mother is going to be immersed on the completion of nine days of Navratri, due to which the actress remembers the first day of Navratri (Navratri 2022), when the idol of the mother comes, how she worships the mother. . At the time of its immersion, the actress is heartbroken. She does not want to be separated from her mother. But, the time has come for them to leave. In Maa Judai, the actress is singing that ‘Nine din ke lagal maiya kaise bhulai bolo maiya hamara rokela se nahi rokala akhiyan se aanshua ke dhar.’ The lyrics of this song are heart touching. This is absolutely poignant. The song is very emotional.

The devotional gesture of the actress in the song is enough to bring Anshu in everyone’s eyes. A grand pandal has been erected in the Devi song, in which the idol of the mother is kept and the actress is dancing with her friends in the devotion of the goddess (Bhojpuri Bhakti Song). Worldwide Records Present ‘Aanshua Ke Dhar’ Devi song is authored by Santosh Utpati, its music is composed by Arya Sharma. Devi Geet has been produced by producer Ratnakar Kumar. The song is directed by Ravi Pandit. Its choreographer is Vishal Gupta.

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