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Bhojpuri Navratri Song: Girlfriend of Samar Singh missing in Dussehra fair in ‘Lucky Farak’! furious actor

Samar Singh is also known as Desi Star in the Bhojpuri music industry. He is not just called a desi star. He is known for his excellent singing. You will get to see Khati Bhojpuriya style in his singing. In this episode, now her goddess song has been released on the occasion of Navratri (Navratri 2022). His lyrics are ‘Lalki Farak’. Bhojpuri stars have made the whole atmosphere devotional even before Navratri. He is releasing many songs one after the other. Samar’s new song has also been included in this episode.

The video of Samar Singh’s Bhojpuri song ‘Lalki Farak’ has been released by the YouTube channel of Global Music Junction-Bhojpuri. It is being seen in this that the actor goes to see the Dussehra fair with his onscreen girlfriend Chandni Singh. Where many pandals of Mother Goddess are installed. Meanwhile, both of them get separated from each other and then the theme of the song starts and the program of searching for both of them. In the video, Samar is seen searching for him like a madman. But she is not getting them anywhere. On the phone again and again they ask where they are. In the meantime, they also scold them and reprimand them. This video of him has got more than 50 thousand views and more than three thousand likes. It is being liked a lot.

In the video, Chandni Singh says that she is standing near the pandal in ‘Lalki Farak’, which is the lyrics of the song. Samar Singh has made a song on this dress of hers and the chemistry of both is very pleasing to the audience. At the same time, Samar’s style of finding girlfriends gives you a village-country feeling. This song is sung by Samar Singh and has been sung by trending singer Shilpi Raj (Samar Singh-Shilpi Raj Song). It is very good in both the voices. The video has been shot on Chandni Singh. Its lyrics have been written by Golu Yadav. The music director is Roshan Rock. The video director is Ashish Satyarthi. It is produced by Rajkumar Singh.

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