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Bhojpuri: Filmy Suga- Janam-mrityu aa reincarnation ke leke banal some film

Whose filming’s part one to three hola, osahin human birth ke part 1 aa 2 hola ka? Of life, who can understand it from Ekra? After Marla, the man came to heaven according to his karma and went to hell? What will happen to heaven’s stairs in the sky? How could I talk to the people who died?

A few thousand questions kept swirling in the mind of a man throughout his life. The correct answer is Baa in Spirituality, Baa in Vedas and Vedanta. Otherwise the biggest problem is that because of spirituality, the most difficult thing is to do. There is a big difficulty in the preparation of okra. If one takes spiritual practice, it becomes easy to understand the mysteries of life and death. The mirror of the society is the cinema and the mystery of the spirituality of the cinema, many go films have been made. Although the plot of the idea of ​​spirituality in parallel cinema is often parallel, the dialogue is seen in the web. The rest of the mass entertainer film Aisan Gambhir Muddan Ke Chhuye Ke Na Chahela.

Aaye janaal jaaye kuch aisne aayne ke hokhe hai in young raua watchlist about filming, if rua also got troubled by such type of question and wanted to go with each and every answer in an entertaining way.

Mumbai Varanasi Express

Eh Fahritsta Mein Mumbai Varanasi Express ego fine film Manal Jaa Sakeela. The 30-minute KE short film Rua Ke Lakhi Ke Lay Banh Ke Lakhi. Eh movie director Aarti Chhabria Bari. The main character of Darshan Jariwala in the film is Ba. After the story of the film, when the Mumbai businessman Krishnakant Jhunjhunwala came to know that his last stage of cancer had come to him for a few days, he would go to Varanasi by catching the Mumbai-Varanasi Express. After reaching Muktidham in Kashi, go to Sarai Ba, where people lived in their last days. It is believed that the Maral people got salvation directly in Kashi, which means getting rid of the cycle of birth and death. But for only 30 days, the room was booked in Muktidham. If you die in such a day, it is okay to vacate the room. Krishnakant’s ego rickshaw puller would take him to his Muktidham when he met in Banaras. He would have been friends with the rickshawwala and his only life was in the midst of the soft-spoken people of Banaras. By doing regular yoga, bathing in the Ganges, with the company of good people, they would have got bad air. His life is loved. After all, after 30 days he had to leave Muktidham. After okra, jiingi kiise badlat baa, ihe film ke kahani baa. Must have seen the movie Rua. Found on YouTube on the channel of Large Short Films.

Mukti Bhavan

The film was released worldwide in the name of Hotel Salvation. Awarded at the E many Go Film Festival, Bhail aa National Award too. Eh the story of the movie is also Mumbai Varanasi Express Jaisan Hi Ba. Daya ego seventy seven year old fence auri one day in the night dreaming that their end time has come. Get up the next day and take your son’s insistence and bring him to Varanasi. His son Rajiv left his family after killing himself and came to Banaras with his father. In the film, there is a deep discussion on life-death, spirituality, father-son relationship and the meaning of life. E film quite beautiful banal ba of 1 hour 42 minutes. I must have seen this movie once. Watch the e-film on Disney Hotstar and get it.

eyes seen

A film based on Sanjay Mishra’s film ‘Aankhon Dekhi’, Jeevan Auri Aker Vishwas. Acre director Rajat Kapoor. The story of the film is about the owner of a joint family living in Delhi. Whose suddenly realized one day that from today onwards, trust them on the same thing, see life. Don’t trust anything without seeing it. His people say crazy, but they ask very reasonable questions. Do not believe in his death also, he wanted to look after the okra first, then why did we listen to the words of the husband? After all, try to see even death with your own eyes. You can watch the film Baa, Rua, which is forced upon you, by Akra on Jio Cinema.

after life

Auri, who was released in Japan’s E-film in 1998, got the Ekra 8 Go Award at the world level. The story of the film was of the dead people of Ego Sarai. Where the councilor chose to reminisce about his life from the earth to the island of Maral, he remembered that okra remained with him till infinity. 22 people’s ego gol aawat ba auri u sabke apne aapne iyaad chane ke kahl baa baa. E-film based on Jeevan Auri Yaad of Ahi 22 Log. E-film can be seen on Amazon Prime.

Heaven can wait

E-films were made in Hollywood in 1943. In the film, hell instead of heaven was specially seen. Whose ego villain gets unhappy after getting heaven after Marla. He tries to convince the angel of death in many ways that we should not get heaven or hell. The film comedy Auri Pher later became serious. Later in 1978 also the film was made under the name Ehi, Baakir Okar Kahani Dosar Rahe. E-film Raua was found by watching on Amazon Prime.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

The e film was inspired by the isle novel called Ahi. The story of the film was based on an employee working in the Ego Maintenance Department. U Budh Ho Gail Ba Auri one day he dies himself in the rescue of a child. After Marla, when he leaves the door of heaven, then five cows who have an important place in okra life meet. U eh Panchu asks people to answer the most difficult questions of their life ba jawan okra milat ba. Whose okra wife died very soon leaving okra, aisan them kilas etc. Watch E-movies on Amazon Prime.

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri cinema and literature.)

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