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Bhojpuri Bhakti Song VIDEO: Neelkamal Singh’s goddess song arrived before Navratri, Koel also mixed the tone in the voice

#Video | Neem Ke Patiya Dole | #Neelkamal Singh | Bhojpuri Devi Geet 2022: In the Bhojpuri music industry, Neelkamal Singh always remains in trend through his songs. Each of his songs get a lot of love from the audience and collect record views. Like Khesari, Pawan Singh, Shilpi Raj, they also prepare songs by looking at the mood of the weather. Since, these days many singers of Bhojpuri music world are releasing the goddesses of Shardiya Navratri starting from 26 September. Meanwhile, a new song by Neel Kamal Singh has been released titled ‘Neem Ke Pataiya Dole..’.

In ‘Neem Ke Pataiyya Dole’, Neel Kamal Singh along with his co-star is completely immersed in the devotion of Durga Mata and both the stars are seen swinging. A cuckoo has a special role in the song and this music video has been prepared on his melodious voice. If you watch the video of this song completely, then you will notice that apart from Neel Kamal Singh, sweet voices of cuckoos are also heard in it. ‘Neem Ki Patiya Dole Jhula Mein Maiya Jhule’ has been shot in a rural setting with the shade of a neem tree and kutcha houses. This song has been shot at a similar location.

Neel Kamal Singh has given voice to ‘Neem Ki Pataiyya Dole’ and he is its lead star. Music has been given by Arya Sharma and written by Ashutosh Tiwari. It has been released on Trending Music World’s YouTube channel on September 17, which people are very fond of. Earlier Neelmal Singh’s Bhojpuri Devi song ‘Ganwe Aiha Dussehra Mein’ came in which she was seen in the role of Srishti Uttarakhandi’s wife. His video of ‘Maai Sherawali Hayin’ has also been released before Navratri. Dozens of goddess songs are going to come like this till 26 September.

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