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Bhojpuri: Best 10 Go Family Drama of Nirahua

Be Ego Bera when Nirahua stays on the pinnacle of success in Bhojpuri film world. Then on an average 5-7 Go films were released every year. U then become a favorite of the onlookers from Taka-Taka Nirhua Rickshawwala. A villager young man with a simple face pawn, when Gundan’s shaven kilas came on the screen of the cinema, fighting with the MLA for the sake of his love, ego Karishma Jason Lagal of Bhojpuriya audience. In the sense of the public, that among the people, the people of a family without means, get up and do a great job. Upar Se Oh Movie Song Superhit. Humara iyaad ba, then nirhua rickshawwala ke ke liye raha hai raha hai that rua told rua on her tail that if we watch e film naikhi, then people understand rua’s culprits. Ok oise, who got it this year with KGF 2. KGF 2’s Jason ruckus was going on with Nirhua Rickshawala then. In many cinema halls of UP-Bihar, the film kept going on for one and a half years. Know about the best family drama filming of Aayi Nirahua.

Nirahua Rickshawala (2007)
E-film proved to be like ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ in Hindi. J was also an artist in A, everyone’s career got set. The underdog story in the film is that how a simple Rexhawala MLA leaves the safe house of the MLA’s sister’s sister, who is in love between dunu log. Then the MLA brother becomes the enemy of love, because of the society? The film had a wonderful blend of Oh Rexhawala’s own family, cordial relationship with society, comedy and song-music, the incredible success of the film.

Family (2008)
In the film E, Nirhua had a double role, in J he played the role of Ud Bhai Kishan and Chhote Bhai Mohan Dunu. Eh mein Kishan ke du go younger brother. After the story of the film, how did elder brother Kishan, for his younger brother, sacrifice his youthful love (Rani Chatterjee), become an enemy of Laiki’s house. Oh, in the meantime, Okr’s best friend Durga Jawan is struggling with extreme poverty, asks Kishan for help. Kishan aapne hard-earned friend ke de dete baa. In return, Dunu’s friend would have agreed that when Mohan Auri Durga’s daughter Rani was married, then Dunu’s marriage took place. Later, Durga got rich and refused to do aisan kare. The story after okra became very interesting. Very emotional film Banal Ba, family. Whose head of the family, for the happiness of the house, u sab bhi karela jawan okra soch, maan-maryada ke keel baa, e dekhawal ba eh in the film. Nirhua’s acting mold is commendable. Aslam Shaikh should be the ego serious director of Bhojpuri, after his gila I kami kehu na bhar pawal, ka jaane kehu bharyo pai ki na.

Pratigya (2008)
Manal Jala is one of the best films of Bhojpuri film E. Apart from Nirhua in the film Banal E, directed by Sushil Kumar Upadhyay, Pawan Singh also joined. Pawan Singh then stay in the isle in Naya-Naya Filming. Songs of E film, Screenplay Auri Directing Tinu Badiya Baa, Ehi Karan E Film Khoob Chalal. Around the family of Thakur Harinam Singh, people like the prosecution of the film People.

Nirhua Chalal Sasural (2011)
Nirhua of the village is the favorite of everyone. The terror of the leopard increased in the village, and for the sake of killing all the okra, keep a guard at night. Ago anjaan liki thakal piyasal condition of tabla okni in the house of Milat Biya Zekra. Sunaina naam ke e liki aapne sab sab kho dele biya. When Laiki was in Nirhua’s house, cost biyat okra fell in love with Nirahua. Later, when Laiki meets his family, the Okar family members are ready to marry Nirahua. This would lead to an ego clash. The next story revolves around Akre. E movie Bada Sundar Ba Auri Dekhte Wala Ba.

Bidesia (2012)
Auri Okar was a modern adaptation based on Bhikhari Thakur’s play ‘Bidesia’. The film should be made in the narration style, for the sake of Bhojpuri, there were different experiments. Nirhua’s performance was very commendable in the film, but the beggar’s story was tampered with and overuse did not bring success to the film.

Aulad (2014)
Banal was a film under the direction of Aslam Sheikh, Aulad. Pakhi Hegde Bari opposite Nirhua in the film. His brother’s role in the film was real life brother Pravesh Lal Yadav Nibhavle Bade. The story of the film revolves around the relationship of Mai Beta, a hokhe wala prapanch in the village of Auri. E-film was quite entertaining as well as Baa Auri was also very successful.

Nirahua Hindustani (2014)
Nirahua Auri is the first film of Amrapali Dubey’s hit pair. In the film, the character of Nirhua in the film Mumbai Aapan Biyah Kare, for the sake of Laiki Khojhe Aavat Ba Auri, gets implicated in the Ago murder case by mistake. However, after proving innocent, he would get very viral and marry a lie with Okra in the name of Aego Laiki. But later, in spite of not wanting okra, after getting married, Nirhua’s villages came. E film comedy aa emotion se bharal ba.

Raja Babu (2015)
Laika, the ego young man of the village, taunted all the kings that he could not do anything. However, in Bada Man Baa Kaun Banega Crorepati, Okar became a millionaire after winning. Okra would have got a chance by luck and would have won by going to Bombay, the rest would start after okra played with okra. Ihe ba movie story. When the story revolves around the family of the protagonist, it becomes very funny. E movie Rochak Ba Auri is worth watching.

Nirahua Hindustani 2 (2017)
For the sake of their marriage, the people of the village kept betting on Bekal Nirhua that when the marriage was not done. The rest of the time played aisan ki okr do go biyah ho jaat ba, ago village wali laiki se auri ego city wali. In Fer Du Go Mehraru Ke Phera Mein Nirahua Aisan Padat Ba Ki Ka Kahl Jaav. E film with situational comedy in the end emotional kar det ba. E film is one of the beautiful family film of Nirahua.

Aaye Hum Barati Baraat Leke (2022)
In the story of Nirahua’s e-film, glimpses of A Berry Punjab also look like. His opposite actress Badi in Jaswinder Kaur Eh. Awadhesh Mishra plays his friend Lekhaan’s father, Auri Sanjay Pandey plays Likee’s father. It is worth seeing the performance of some other actors in the film Nirhua. E-film released on digital a few days ago, Bhail Ba, Jawana Ke Able has got more than two crore views.

(Author Manoj is passionate about Bhojpuri literature and cinema.)

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