Bhagyashree expressed pain, said- ‘When I left the industry, people misunderstood my husband and made him a ‘villain’

Bhagyashree ON her break from films:sActress Bhagyashree, who captivated the audience with the film ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ with Laman Khan, may be away from Bollywood but she remains in the news for one reason or the other. Sometimes she garners accolades because of her glamorous pictures, and sometimes remains a sensation about her personal life. Meanwhile, Bhagyashree did those moments, when she decided to leave Bollywood, then how people have judged her husband Himalaya Dasani. In an interview, Bhagyashree told that even when she left the film industry after marriage, people saw her husband as a villain.

Remind you that Bhagyashree started her acting career with the film ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. She became an overnight star from her debut film itself. But after marrying her husband Himalaya in the year 1990, the actress had announced to leave her film career forever. His fans were shocked by his decision. Fans believed that because of her husband Himalaya, she shied away from films. Often Bhagyashree is trolled by these things. Now the actress openly talked about this matter.

Reality show changed people’s thinking
Talking to ‘Times of India’, Bhagyashree said that when I stopped working in films after marriage, people saw Himalaya Dasani as a ‘villain’. Although people did not know Himalayas, yet people misrepresented them. Bhagyashree further said that recently after seeing both of us together in a reality show, people realized that whatever decision I took for love 33 years ago was right. Let us tell you that Bhagyashree was recently seen in the reality show ‘Smart Jodi’ with her husband Himalaya Dasani.

Bhagyashree considers herself very lucky
Bhagyashree further said that I gave time to family and my children. I am lucky that I was able to take care of the children well. After this, when I thought of a comeback, everyone supported me. My children and family members expressed their happiness by supporting me. The actress further said that my family members told me that you have fulfilled all your responsibilities. Family is well taken care of, now you can fulfill your dreams. I am fortunate that my decision was supported by my family and children.

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