Because of this, Akshay Kumar wants to show his upcoming film ‘Prithviraj’ to every student.

The trailer of Akshay Kumar’s most awaited film ‘Prithviraj’ has been released, which everyone was eagerly waiting for. This trailer, which started with the announcements of ‘Har Har Mahadev’, is quite strong. In the trailer, Prithviraj’s bravery is made on the battlefield, while Manushi Chillar’s entry in the role of Sanyogita has been done in a very beautiful way. Now a special news about this is that Akshay Kumar has demanded from the government to make this film mandatory in the syllabus of schools.

According to media reports, Akshay Kumar said that he is proud that he got a chance to play the role of such a great son of India, Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan. He said that the story of the life of a warrior king who fought valiantly against Muhammad of Thor must be shown on the big screen. Then as soon as the trailer of the film was launched, Akshay Kumar has demanded from the government that it should be made mandatory for the students to see Prithviraj in schools and courses.

“I want students to know their history”
According to the report of ZOOM, Akshay Kumar said that “It is an educational film. I want students to learn about our history and know what happened to get us to where we are today.” Akshay further said, “Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi has tried his best to direct this film and do justice to the story. He was doing research for this film for 18 years. The shooting of the film was completed in just 42 days.

“We were never taught much about Prithviraj in school”
Akshay Kumar further said that “Surprisingly, the brave king who did so much for India, yet people do not know much about him”. Akshay said that when he used to study in school, then only one paragraph was taught about Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan in school, but now we all should know about Prithviraj Chauhan. This history brings together all the things that we should live by, along with patriotism. This story tells a wonderful story of valor, valor as well as love, which is rare to see today.

Akshay had goosebumps while listening to the story
In the conversation, Akshay Kumar also said that he was feeling cold while listening to the story of the film. He immediately said yes to the film. Then while speaking, Akshay said with a tearful throat that “I wish my mother was alive today and could see her in the film ‘Prithviraj’.” Then when Akshay Kumar was asked whether he would like to show ‘Prithviraj’ to PM Modi, the actor said, “Who am I to show him the film? If they feel, they will see for themselves. The film is set to release on June 3.

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