B’day: When Dimple Kapadia met Rajesh Khanna in the sky, the superstar’s heart throbbed as soon as he saw her

Dimple Kapadia Bollywood’s beautiful and graceful actress is considered. Born on June 8, 1957 in Mumbai, Dimple’s father Chunibhai Kapadia was well known in the film industry. Due to this recognition, Dimple got her first film in just 16 years. The more discussion about Dimple than for his debut film ‘Bobby’, was due to the love of Hindi cinema superstar Rajesh Khanna. IA tells the interesting story of the beautiful moments of her life on Dimple’s birthday.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Dimple Kapadia started dreaming of becoming an actress at an early age. Renowned veteran filmmaker Raj Kapoor was looking for an actress for his film ‘Bobby’. While auditioning for a new and beautiful actress, father Chunibhai Kapadia introduced daughter Dimple to Raj Kapoor, seeing the daughter’s ardor. On seeing Dimple, Raj Kapoor felt that his search was over. In this way, Dimple stepped into the film world. As soon as working in this film, the discussion of Dimple started happening everywhere. Rajesh Khanna was ruling the cinema world in those days. Behind whom girls from all over the world were ready to give their lives.

Rajesh Khanna’s heart throbbed as soon as he saw Dimple.
Rajesh Khanna had known Dimple since she was a little girl. In an interview, the actor had told that ‘When I saw this teenage girl at a party. He was left looking at her beauty and grace. She was sitting in the ladies group, as soon as she stood up, her eyes fell on me and as soon as she saw something happened in my heart. At that moment I did not realize that all the previous chapters of my life’s love have been closed never open. After some time it came to know that this is Kapadia’s daughter whom I have known for years. Dimple’s meeting with Rajesh is also very filmy.

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She married Rajesh Khanna during Dimple Kapadia’s ‘Bobby’ film. (Photo Credits: Movies N Memories/twitter)

The foundation of the golden journey of life was laid in the plane’s journey
There has always been a tradition of giving respect to film artists. Chitralok Cine Circle of Gujarat had announced to honor the artists of Hindi cinema. Rajesh Khanna also had to get the award. A chartered plane took off from Mumbai (at that time Bombay) to Ahmedabad with many celebs. Raj Kapoor’s film ‘Bobby’ actress Dimple Kapadia was also on this plane. The seat next to Dimple in the flight was empty while returning from Ahmedabad to Bombay on the same night. Rajesh came and asked Dimple that can I sit here? Dimple said sure. Rajesh sat down. Many things happened between both of them during this journey. Who knew that the foundation of life was being laid in this sky-high journey of the first superstar of cinema.

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Rajesh Khanna loved Dimple Kapadia very much
Dimple Kapadia became such an addict in superstar Rajesh Khanna’s love that she got married at an early age. There was a gap of 15 years in the age of both. They have two daughters Twinkle Khanna and Rinke Khanna. Despite all the ups and downs, Dimple and Rajesh Khanna never separated, did not divorce.

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