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Awdhesh Mishra started crying bitterly while hugging her at the daughter’s wedding, herself narrated the pain of separation

Bhojpuri actor Awdhesh Mishra is known as the dreaded villain of the industry. But now he has erased the seal of the villain. Now he is playing the role of father, brother and friend and is winning the hearts of people with his brilliant acting. Actors who are often busy shooting films are also very active on social media. He keeps sharing updates related to himself with the fans. In such a situation, now he has shared the pain of separation of daughter and father with the fans. He cried bitterly in the grief of being away from her at his daughter’s wedding, whose photo has also been shared by the actor on Instagram.

Awdhesh Mishra has shared an emotional photo with his daughter on Instagram (Awdhesh Mishra Emotional Post). He has shared the pain of father-daughter along with sharing the picture with his daughter (Awdhesh Mishra daughter marriage). He wrote, ‘Good morning friends 🙏 In films, you must have seen me or many artists expressing the feelings of father and daughter or crying. But in reality, the love feeling of this relationship or the feeling of separation cannot be expressed in words and expressions. He only ever gets caught on camera. As I found this picture of my daughter’s wedding day of Sangeet, I thought I would share with you the real feelings of real relationships.

Awdhesh Mishra Cried Badly In daughters Marriage

Many Bhojpuri stars have commented on this actor’s post and have agreed with his feelings. Actor Yash Kumar wrote, ‘I can feel your pain Lord’. At the same time, actor Pradeep Pandey Chintu wrote, ‘This is such a moment for any father, whose two expressions rise together. Where on one side the happiness of daughter’s marriage, on the other hand the sorrow of separation… God keep the sister happy and happy always. Actor and villain Dev Singh wrote, ‘Emotional moment’. Similarly, many Bhojpuri actors have commented.

Along with this, many users have also commented on Awadhesh Mishra’s post. One wrote, ‘When parting happens, the heart breaks down, Sir, a girl, and her parents too, this is the way of the world, one day one has to be separated.’ Another wrote, ‘Sir ji what you have written is really painful but this custom is going on with the traditions’. The third wrote, ‘That’s why it is said that cinema is the mirror of life’. Another user wrote, ‘This moment of father’s life, in which on one side the daughter of happiness, on the other the sadness of her departure’. Similarly, fans are commenting fiercely on his post. This is a very emotional moment. Seeing the tears in the eyes of the actor in the photo and the crying of father and daughter like this is really heart breaking. It is really very difficult for every father to face this moment.

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