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Ashneer Grover made a funny video about Amir Vs Middle Class, going viral

New Delhi: Ashneer Grover, who is the co-judge of ‘Shark-Tank India’, has now made a funny video which is going viral on social media. In this video, it has been shown how different the lives of millionaires and middle class people are. Recently, Ashneer Grover along with content creator and comedian Shubham Gaur has made this video. In this video, you will also laugh to see how different it is to tell the direction between the rich and middle class.

In the first part of the video, it is being told how a rich person gives direction. Shubham is driving and Ashneer is telling them how they will reach their house. Shubham says – I have reached. After this Ashneer says, ‘Bring your car from the service lane. My guard is standing outside, he will park it. On this Shubham Gaur says, ‘The Gucci T-shirt he is wearing is a guard. On this Ashneer Grover says that he sweeps inside, the guard is another person.

difference in direction
Further Ashneer Grover says, ‘After putting the car inside, I have a Maybach park which is a little long. Then there is the Porsche and then there will be a personal lift which comes directly in front of my gate. Come up and ring the doorbell. At the same time, in the second video, Shubham Gaur is seen standing in his balcony and tells the direction of his house. On this, Saloni comes to the balcony and says that you have allowed to bring the car inside again, now the neighbors will create a ruckus.

Fans liked Ashneer’s performance
To this Shubham Gaur would reply, ‘Hey he is on a cycle’. Ashneer Grover has written in the caption with this video – Tell me the landmark near your house, friends. People are finding this video of Ashneer Grover and Shubham Gaur very funny. People are not tired of praising. Fans are liking this cameo performance of Ashneer Grover quite well.

Shark Tank India’s second season to start soon
One user has written, ‘This is unexpected collaboration’ along with many heart emojis have also been inserted. At the same time, another user has written, ‘We are waiting for the sequel’. Another user has written – Now we want to see you as a content creator Ashneer. Let us tell you that the registration for the second season of ‘Shark Tank India’ has already started. It is expected that the new season will also start soon.

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