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Arjun Kapoor reveals his secret on chemistry with Tara Sutaria, Malaika Arora may get angry after hearing / Ek Villain Returns: Arjun Kapoor opens secret on chemistry with Tara Sutaria, listens to Malaika

Arjun Tara Ek Villain Returns - India TV Hindi
Arjun Tara Ek Villain Returns


  • Arjun and Tara’s pairing is being liked
  • Arjun spoke openly on his chemistry
  • Told the secret of making perfect pair with Tara

Ek Villain Returns: Renowned actor of Hindi cinema, Arjun Kapoor is ready for the release of his upcoming film ‘Ek Villain Returns’. Apart from films, Arjun also remains in the headlines for his and Malaika Arora’s relationship. Before the release of the film, Arjun has said such a thing about his chemistry with his upcoming film’s co-star Tara Sutaria, which can make any girlfriend angry. Therefore, Malaika may also get angry after hearing this interview of Arjun.

What did Arjun Kapoor say?

Actually, the chemistry of Arjun and Tara is being liked in the trailer and songs of the film. In such a situation, Arjun Kapoor has also praised Tara Sutaria on the response of the people. He has said that he has a natural chemistry with Tara. Arjun says, “It is really good to see that people have loved Tara and me jodi in the trailer. I am glad that they are appreciating our chemistry and how we look with each other. There is a natural chemistry with each other and we feel each other’s energy.”

Not waiting for release

Expressing his excitement about the release of the film, Arjun said, “Every new and fresh on-screen pair has to stand the test of the audience. It is the public who decides when they want to see this new pair on screen. Excited or not. It feels great that Tara and I have been appreciated and now we can’t wait to be in front of you guys.”

Tara and Arjun gave spices

Regarding their hot chemistry, Arjun further says, “A lot of things are decided by the audience, well Tara and I add a lot of masala to the film and I hope our pair will do amazing.”

Arjun will also be seen in these films

Let us tell you that apart from Arjun and Tara, John and Disha are also in the lead roles in this film. On the work front, apart from being seen in Mohit Suri’s ‘Ek Villain Returns’, Arjun is also in ‘Aasman’ Bhardwaj’s ‘Kutti’ and Ajay Behl’s ‘The Ladykiller’.

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