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Are songs of Khesari Lal and Pawan Singh trending due to paid promotion? Hundreds of similar comments come on the link

Khesari Lal Yadav is in more headlines these days for his personal life. In the coming days, he keeps sharing a lot with the social media fans about the upheaval in his life. Recently, he had told that Pawan Singh’s fan is abusing and threatening him, due to which his mind is very disturbed. He had also said that he would soon be behind bars. But despite so many problems, they are releasing their songs everyday and interestingly they are also getting tremendous views. But if you look at the views and social media reactions of the videos of the big superstars of Bhojpuri cinema, then there is some confusion.khesari91

Actually, be it Khesari Lal or Pawan Singh, or Gunjan Singh, the reactions of the users to the songs of the big superstar of Bhojpuri are the same. Recently Khesari’s song Le Le Aai Cocacola from Gannayak Films has been released, on which 2.5 lakh views have been received in a short time, more than 500 comments. The same comment is posted repeatedly on the song under different names, which is like this… ‘There is definitely some magic in its voice, only then it rules in millions of hearts. ‘#Khesari BHAIYA Love U…not for the first time that but even before this, Khesari’s songs get repeated reactions of praise.

Songs of big superstars increase reactions again and again with a comment
Even before this, Khesari’s magic comment in his voice on many songs was seen not once or twice but hundreds of times. These comments are also often seen on some Pawan Singh’s songs but mostly appear on Khesari’s album, here we also show you some screenshots…. in which you will see these comments again and again on the songs of these Bhojpuri songs. Whereas if you look at the songs of Shilpi Raj, Pramod Premi, Ritesh Pandey or anyone else, then you will not be seen. In such a situation, it is clear that the big faces of Bhojpuri do paid promotions to compete with each other.pawan

Use of paid promotions to get trending
When we talked to an expert related to Bhojpuri about this, it has come to know that this happens many times to bring trending music videos in the industry. To make the songs viral, a separate digital team works, which sees these Bhojpuri songs and gives feedback, so that the song becomes trending as soon as possible. In such a situation, the views of the songs also increase and become viral as soon as they are released. However, such shortcut things are not good for Bhojpuri cinema.khesari

Paid promotion industry is in loss
According to the information received from the source, even though these stars may have 50-50 million followers on Facebook, but when they put a proper link of any song of the film, then neither share nor comment comes. In this way, Bhojpuri film industry is suffering due to the album and theaters are also seen to be closed. Even though this kind of paid promotion would get reactions on the video and get praise, but if the same followers come to the cinema hall, then there is applause.. the money is also recovered.

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