Anushka Sharma shared a special picture on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Vamika was seen playing with her grandmother

New Delhi: Anushka Sharma has shared a rare picture of her daughter Vamika on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Through this picture, Anushka Sharma has wished Mother’s Day to her mother Ashima Sharma. Anushka Sharma has said thank you for always supporting her mother by posting. Especially now that she has become a mother. Anushka Sharma has shared two pictures on this special occasion. In the first picture, his mother is seen playing with her granddaughter Vamika.

He is holding Vamika’s hand. In the picture, the actress has covered Vamika’s face with a butterfly sticker. At the same time, in the second picture, her pet dog dude is seen resting in the lap of Anushka Sharma’s mother. Both these pictures of Anushka Sharma are very cute. Social media users are also liking these pictures very much. People are also praising Anushka a lot.

Anushka wrote…
tell that Anushka Sharma He wrote in the caption with the picture, ‘Happy Mother’s Day Ma, thank you for taking care of me even more and being such a big support for the last year and a few months. Your will power and strength is phenomenal and we all love you very much. Let us tell you that Anushka Sharma became a mother in January last year. Anushka Sharma of Vamika does not share pictures in a hurry. But on the occasion of Mother’s Day, she has shared the picture of her daughter. However, Vamika’s face is not visible in it.

Anushka sharma shares pic of her mother with vamika on mothers day

Anushka Sharma has shared a special picture of her daughter Vamika and mother. (Photo Credits: anushkasharma / instagram)

Keeps Vamika away from limelight
Anushka Sharma has decided that she will keep her daughter away from the limelight. He has also requested the paparazzi not to click Vamika’s pictures. However, during the India-South Africa match, a glimpse of Vamika in Anushka Sharma’s lap was seen on TV. Vamika’s pictures had gone viral even then. Even then, Anushka Sharma had requested people on social media not to share the pictures of Vamika.

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