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Anupamaa 22 June 2022: Kinjal’s child’s life saved, will Anuj keep Anupama away from children? Kinjal’s child’s life saved, will Anuj keep Anupama away from children after coming to Barkha’s words?

Anupamaa Update- India TV Hindi
Anupamaa Update


  • Vanraj blames Anupama for the accident with Kinjal
  • Anuj asks Anupama to distance herself from the Shah family.

Anupamaa UpdateIn the famous small screen serial Anupama, once again Anupama has to face the anger of Vanraj. As everyone has seen all the kids gather at Anupama’s house to have a party. In such a situation, while dancing and singing, Barkha’s foot slips and her hand goes to Kinjal.

After which Kinjal falls and everyone’s breath stops. On one hand, Anupama gets shocked seeing Kinjal in pain, whereas when Vanraj comes to know about this, he trembles with anger. When everyone reaches home after receiving the news of the complete recovery of both Kinjal and her children, there is no escape from Vanraj’s anger.

Anupama apologizes to everyone. But Vanraj does not listen to him. Vanraj strictly forbids his children to come to Anupama’s house. However, for Kinjal’s happiness, he lets her stay with Anupama. But after the departure of the Shah family, Barkha tries to turn Anuj against Vanraj. In which she almost succeeds.

Anuj tells Anupama that he does not want to see Vanraj in this house again. At the same time, Anuj also asks the Shah family to distance Anupama. But Anupama tells Anuj that she will not allow distance between the children due to the fight of the elders. Now it has to be seen whether the fire set by Barkha will burn the happiness of Anuj and Anupama to ashes. Or else Anupama will save her family from breaking up.

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