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Anupamaa 17th May Update: Anuj-Anupama’s marriage will happen without Malvika, know the reason

‘Anupama’ In (Anupamaa) it is shown on Tuesday 17th May (Anupamaa 17th May written update) that Kinjal asks Anupama if she will keep coming to meet Baby? Anupama says that she will be a grandmother, she will have the right on the child that she can come to meet whenever she wants. Kinjal and Pakhi hug Anupama. Pakhi asks Anupama and Kinjal not to cry. Pakhi tells Anupama that her eyes swell when she cries. Kinjal also gets emotional. Pakhi reminds both of them about the wedding preparations.

Ba remains confused and sits on the bed. Bapuji tells Baa that why is she hurting herself by not blessing Anupama in marriage. He says that Anupama will go to her house but she will regret that he did not send her off with love. Ba gets shocked. Here, Anuj, Devika and GK are busy preparing for the wedding and from there Malvika comes crying and hugs Anuj. Anuj asks Malvika if she is joking.

‘Anupama’ It is further shown that Malavika tells crying that she has to leave the US immediately. She says that the hearing date of her parents’ dream house has come and it cannot be ignored. Anuj tells Malvika that if she is not in the marriage, then he will not get married. Eventually, after convincing Devika and GK, Anuj lets Malvika leave for the US. Here, Pakhi, Kinjal, Toshu and Samar are busy with the wedding preparations and wonder if someone would give them some good food and drink.

Till then Anupama brings food and juice for them. She talks about her mother instinct and feeds them. Everyone talks and enjoys while eating. Vanraj is watching them from a distance. Anupama sits and talks to her children.

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