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Anupamaa 14th May Update: Anuj gave a special surprise on turmeric, Anupama became emotional

In ‘Anupama’, it is shown on Saturday 14th May (Anupamaa 14th May written update) that Malavika, Pakhi, Devika and Dolly ask Anupama to first apply turmeric to Anuj. Anupama would ask permission from her elders. Kanta and Bapuji agree but Vanraj gets irritated on hearing this. Anupama goes to apply turmeric to Anuj and Sameer stops him. Anupama gets a surprise. Samar asks Anupama to apply henna only when the music starts.

Anuj and Anupama dance fiercely with the whole family. After this Anupama applies turmeric to Anuj. Kavya is happy to see them. Anupama goes to Anuj to apply turmeric on his feet but Anuj stops him. Anuj reminds her that he too will touch her feet. Anuj says that both are in a relationship where both are of equal status. Anupama agrees and applies turmeric on Anuj’s feet. After Anupama, everyone else also applies turmeric to Anuj. Anuj holds the bowl of turmeric and Malvika teases him that he does not miss an opportunity to approach Anupama.

‘Anupama’ It is further shown that children bring a plate full of spices and Bapuji says that there is a woman called Annapurna. Bapuji says that Anupama cooks very well. Samar, Pakhi, Toshu and Kinjal say that they like the spices that Anupama puts in the food. Anuj says that Anupama is special because of these spices too.

Anupama remembers the humiliation done by Vanraj that she smells like spices. Anuj explains the importance of turmeric and he says that these spices will also be used in this ritual. He leans towards Anupama. Everyone does this and Anupama becomes emotional. Anuj recites a poem and says that he will cook for three days a week because Anupama also needs leave. Anupama gets happy hearing this.

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