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Anupamaa 11th May Update: Bapuji fainted, Vanraj rained down on Anuj-Anupama

In ‘Anupama’, it is shown on Wednesday, 11th May (Anupamaa 11th May written update) that Kanta asks Anupama and Anuj whether they have gone to study college or fall in love with each other. Malvika asks Kanta if she is against their love. Ba there, says that no one is ashamed at all while talking like this. Kavya tries to convince Baa that he is just acting.

Anuj and Anupama perform a skit on College Life. Kavya plays the role of Kanta in this skit and Anuj-Anupama try to convince Kanta i.e. Kavya for marriage. But Kanta refuses and says that both of them have very different backgrounds so this marriage cannot happen. Anuj then apologizes to Anupama for not proposing to her in the beginning and was heartbroken after seeing her in a red sari with someone else. Malvika tells both that their life is finally having a happy ending.

‘Anupama’ It was further shown that Anuj and Anupama dance together and everyone applauds. In the midst of all this, Bapuji suddenly faints and everyone runs to him. Vanraj and Anupama are worried about Bapuji. Seeing GK upset, Anuj asks him what is the matter. Anuj repeatedly asks GK whether he knows about Bapuji. GK tells that Bapuji had given him an oath not to tell the truth to anyone. GK further informs that Bapuji has a heart problem.

Everyone gets shocked and Vanraj starts shouting at GK. Anuj tells Vanraj to stop blaming GK. Vanraj also blames Anupama for Bapuji’s health. He says that both should enjoy marriage together but Bapuji will not go there now. As soon as Bapuji comes to his senses, he says that if he does not see the marriage, he will die.

The doctor comes and does Bapuji’s health checkup. He says that he needs to undergo surgery soon. Anuj says that he will get them admitted as soon as possible. Anupama says that she will marry after surgery. She goes to her room and cries a lot.

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