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Anupamaa 10th May Update: What did Vanraj say to Anuj? Family celebrated music with pomp

In ‘Anupama’ on Tuesday, 10th May, it is shown (Anupamaa 10th May written update) that Rakhi is sitting on the swing and she sees Bapuji’s report but she ignores it. Anupama sees the file and proceeds to read it but by then Devika interrupts him. Devika tells Anupama that Anuj has messaged her and says that she is with Vanraj and there is nothing to worry about.

On the other hand Vanraj tells Anuj that he is marrying Anupama, he has no problem but he cannot tolerate that his children do not stay with him. He says that he is the father of his children and he can never take their place. Anuj tells Vanraj that he knows the meaning of losing. He has lost his father. He will never separate his children from him. Anuj says that Anupama will always be his mother. He threatens Vanraj that he should not try to separate Anupama from his children or else he will show up as their father.

‘Anupama’ It is further shown that Anuj and Vanraj go home and Anuj asks Anupama not to worry. He asks everyone to start the music. He thanks Anupama for the new beginning. Anupama also says that Anuj has given her so much. Anuj tells Anupama that his uncle helped him after going to America but now he is not in contact. Everyone is busy in their life. Anuj dances and Anupama also supports him.

Here everyone is planning together that what would have happened if Anuj and Anupama had gone together 27 years ago. Anuj and Anupama together recreate the college time and their old days. Vanraj and Leela see all this in front of them and get angry.

His anger climbs to the seventh heaven. Bapuji is not feeling well and goes to get medicine. Anuj and Anupama dance together and everyone clap for them.

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