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Anupama Spoiler: Will Anuj get away from Anupama? Anuj will be the victim of a deadly attack! Will Anupama take away her honeymoon? Anuj will be the victim of a deadly attack!

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Anupamaa Spoiler Tremendous drama is being seen in the serial Anupama. On one hand, Pakhi is increasing her closeness by jamming against the whole house. At the same time, Anupama catches both of them first. Vanraj then turns red with anger on seeing Pakhi and Adhi with Anupama. As usual Vanraj starts bursting at Anupama without listening to anything. Then Anupa asks them to walk home and talk.

Coming home, it is revealed that Pakhi herself went out with more than her will. Seeing Pakhi’s growing courage day by day, Vanraj takes a decision that shakes everyone. Vanraj does not like meeting Pakhi more and more even after repeated refusal. Due to which Vanraj stops going to Pakhi’s college. Vanraj does not listen to anyone in front of him and flatly refuses to let Pakhi go to college.

Now how Anupama will solve this problem, only the upcoming episode will tell. But on the other hand there is going to be an earthquake in Anupama’s life too. According to the information received, Anuj will get to know the truth of his family in the coming episodes. As Anuj reaches to meet Anupama to tell everything. First he takes a promise from Anupama that he will not give his signing authority to anyone at any cost.

As soon as Anupama makes a promise to Anuj, they are attacked behind. This attack will be done on Anuj. After which the ground will slip from under Anupama’s feet. Now everyone is just eager to know whether Anupama’s honeymoon will be ruined or will Anuj survive?

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