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Anupama Spoiler Big twist coming Anuj kapadia angry rupali ganguly sudhanshu pandey gaurav khanna: Big twist coming in the show, Anuj will get angry on Anupama’s decision

Anupama Spoiler - India TV Hindi
Anupama Spoiler


  • There is going to be a tremendous twist in the show ‘Anupama’.
  • Anupama-Anuj’s marriage will go on and on

Anupama Spoiler:Mumbai: Star Plus Shows’Anupama‘ The spirit remains intact. In this week’s TRP list too, Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey got the number one crown. The show keeps the audience entertained with its latest tracks and now many twists and turns are going to be seen in the coming time. These days the track of Anupama and Anuj’s wedding is going on in the show, which is being liked by the fans. But the story takes a shocking U-turn when suddenly Bapuji gets an attack. Seeing his condition, the whole family breaks down emotionally and mentally.

Shockingly, Vanraj starts blaming Anupama and Anuj for Bapuji’s dire condition. So in the coming story, you will see Anupama taking a tough decision. She will break her marriage. It is only after Bapuji’s treatment that she decides to get married. Unfortunately, Anuj finds this big decision of his very difficult. He will get annoyed with Anupama’s decision and will also get angry at her.

Will this affect Anuj and Anupama’s relationship, will there be a rift in their relationship. When this track comes out in the coming time, it will be known about it. Right now #MaAn fans are happy as Anpuma has once again topped the TRP race.

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