Anil Kapoor gives special advice to Kiara Advani amid dating rumors with Sidharth Malhotra! Learn

Bollywood actress Kiara Advani is making headlines for many reasons. On one hand, where she is in limelight about her personal life, on the other hand she is in news about her upcoming film ‘Jug-Jug Jeeyo’. Amidst all this, Kiara has got a special advice from her co-star veteran actor Anil Kapoor regarding her personal life.

Let us tell you that through ‘Jug-Jug Jio’, Kiara is sharing the screen with Anil Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and Neetu Kapoor for the first time. In this film, Kia will be seen as Varun Dhawan’s wife and Anil Kapoor-Neetu Kapoor’s daughter-in-law. All these stars are quite excited about the film. At the same time, all of them are promoting the film fiercely. The film is going to be released in theaters tomorrow i.e. on June 24.

Kiara got advice
Meanwhile, during the promotion of ‘Jug-Jug Jio’, Anil Kapoor while talking to ‘Miss Malini’ gave advice to Kiara, which he has already given to his children and other close friends. According to the report, while giving advice to Kiara Advani, Anil Kapoor said, regarding marriage, I have often told my friends and children that whenever it comes to marriage, listen to your heart and not anyone else. Kiara Advani should not marry under any pressure. They should take proper time in making decisions related to their life.

Sunny Deol’s marriage unknown
After this, Anil recalled his old days and said that earlier he also used to think that it is right to get married at a certain age, but later after his marriage, he started getting a little jealous of his single friends. Jokingly, Anil Kapoor says, “When I got married, I also thought that Sunny Deol was not married, but it was actually done, Jackie Shroff did not. So I used to constantly tell him, ‘Kya company man, I am very happy man’. Actually I wanted them all to get married because I was really jealous seeing them single. I used to try and get Jackie and Sunny married too. That’s why I kept asking them to get married again and again because all the girls used to follow Jackie-Sunny. Although in those days I did not know that Sunny was also married at that time.

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