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Alia Bhatt paragliding with ‘Land Kara De’ meme fame Vipin Kumar Sahu, watch this recreated video

Alia Bhatt A video of is going viral. In this video, she is seen paragliding with Vipin Kumar Sahu. Vipin Kumar Sahu is there, whose paragliding video went viral in the year 2019 and people made his memes. Alia has worked in an advertisement with Vipin. Vipin has shared a video of a chocolate brand advertisement on his social media account. In this too, he is seen getting scared while paragliding, but this time Alia is also seen paragliding with him.

In this video, Vipin Kumar Sahu has recreated his popular dialogue ‘Land Kara De’. It can be seen in the video that Vipin can be seen wearing the same turquoise shirt while holding a selfie stick in the air. He says, “There is fog all around. I was crazy to come here. Do not take long rides brother. Take more than 500 brother please land it brother.

Seeing the fear of Vipin Kumar Sahu, Alia Bhatt, who became his flying instructor, calms him down and gives chocolate to Khan. In the video, Alia can be seen wearing a yellow and white jacket. Sharing the ad on the social media platform, Vipin wrote in the caption, “Who said a meme can’t achieve heights?”

Vipin further wrote, “Who said that the life of a meme is only 1-2 months? Breaking all bullshit stereotypes and shooting with Alia Bhatt.” Sharing his experience of working with Alia, Vipin wrote, “I was nervous in the first shot, because I can’t imagine that one day we both will sit together and chit chat.”

Vipin Kumar Sahu also wrote that he does not remember the name of Alia Bhatt’s hairdresser. But he wants to thank them. People are congratulating him on this achievements of Vipin. A follower commented on Vipin’s recent post and wrote, “Perfect brand ambassador.” Another user jokingly wrote, “You have really landed in a good place.”

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