Alia Bhatt got trolled badly by promoting soft drink, users are sharing video of Kapil’s show, know the reason

New Delhi: Alia Bhatt does more than one film and rules the hearts of fans but has also come under the target of trollers and haters many times. The same thing has happened once again. Actually, people are getting angry with Alia Bhatt due to endorsement of sugar content product. Because of this, Alia Bhatt is constantly being trolled on social media. Actually, Alia Bhatt stays away from sugar products in her personal life.

Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan, Sonakshi Sinha and Aditya Roy Kapoor came to ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ during the promotion of ‘Kalank’. During this, Alia Bhatt had told how harmful sugar is for health and body. But, Alia Bhatt at the same time endorses many such products whose ingredients contain sugar. Therefore, due to this behavior of Alia Bhatt, users on social media are seen angry and are telling her a lot of good and bad.

two videos are going viral
These days Alia Bhatt Two videos of it are going viral on social media. A video is from ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. When Alia Bhatt is given coffee in the show, she takes a sip and asks if there is sugar mixed in it. Kapil replies yes and says that it has been mixed very lightly. Then Alia Bhatt refuses to drink sugar-sweetened coffee and tells how much sugar harms the body. She says that sugar should not be eaten. It is beneficial to take it simply as a fruit.

promoting soft drink
At the same time, in the second video, Alia Bhatt is seen promoting soft drinks, in which many users are saying that unhealthy sugar is mixed. Many users are also tagging Alia Bhatt. One user has written – anything for money. Another user has written – For money, you can also sell poison.

Alia bhatt trolled for promoting soft drink containing high sugar

(Photo Credits: @Ruchi4Tweets/twitter)
Alia bhatt trolled for promoting soft drink containing high sugar

(Photo Credits: @truthseeeekerr/twitter)

people are trolling
Another user has commented – Alia herself is admitting how unhealthy sugar is, then how can she promote a product that has high sugar content. Another user has written – This thinking does not come like this, everything is scripted.

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