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Alia Bhatt get angry after the pregnancy announcement Said- I am a woman not parcel | Alia Bhatt gets angry: Why did Alia get angry after the pregnancy announcement? Said- I am not a parcel, I am a woman

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Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt get angry: These days Alia Bhatt is in the headlines for her pregnancy. He shared this good news with his fans on social media on Monday. After which the post went viral on social media. Wishes flooded in for Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. But on this happy occasion, something suddenly came in front of Alia, seeing that she got furious with anger. Actually, since the news of pregnancy, speculations are constantly being made about her upcoming project. A media report had written something that hurt Alia’s self-esteem after reading it and she could not stop herself from reprimanding this media report.

After all, what made Aaliya angry after reading?

Actually, talking about Alia’s upcoming projects after the news of pregnancy, a media house wrote that Alia will come back after finishing London’s shooting, for this Ranbir Kapoor will go to pick her up. In this report, it was informed along with writing that Alia does not want to let her pregnancy have any effect on her work commitments. She will finish shooting for her films before July. Alia was furious at the matter of herself going to be written in this report. Describing this as influenced by patriarchy, he reprimanded the reporter and said that she is not a parcel but a woman.

Alia Bhatt Instastory


alia bhatt instagramstory

What did Alia Bhatt say?

Alia has expressed her anger by writing a long post in her Instagram story regarding this report. He has written that nothing was delayed and no one is coming to pick him up. She is a woman, not a parcel. Alia writes on her Insta story, “We still live in the minds of some people, we are still living in the world of patriarchy. For your information, no work has been delayed. No one needs to come to pick me up, I am a woman, not a parcel.

clear about comfort

Alia did not stop here, but she has also replied to the thing written next to it, which says that now Alia needs rest and she will not work. Responding sharply, he wrote, “I don’t need rest at all but it’s good to know that you will also have a doctor’s certification. This is 2022. Please can we get out of this old thinking. If you forgive me… Let me tell you that Alia is busy shooting her first Hollywood film ‘Heart of Stone’ these days. Hollywood star Gal Gadot is with him in this film.

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