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Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh is very active on social media and shares very funny posts. Akshara’s post is well-liked by the fans. Now Akshara has shared the video with her mother. Although he posted this on Instagram story. In the video you will see that Akshara’s mother is doing her makeup in the makeup room. While Akshara stands behind them. Akshara is wearing shirt and jeans during this time. Although her jeans have cuts from the front, due to which the mother of the actress is taking her class.

mother scolded for clothes

Akshara’s mother says, ‘God has given everything, yet if you wear such clothes, it is not right.’ Akshara says in surprise, ‘Mummy industry are you talking like this?’ To which the mother replies, it is not correct according to Vastu.

Then Akshara says, ‘So get the pants made according to Vastu?’ Mother replies, ‘You are bad-tempered’. After this Akshara starts laughing. He shared the video and wrote, ‘They only need a chance to scold on the holiday.’

hit by dad

Earlier, Akshara had shared a video in which Papa was with her. In the video, Akshara becomes a child and father asks her whether she goes to school? Look up and tell me do you go to school? On this Akshara answers yes, then the father asks which school do you go to? Then Akshara says in aadiwadi. After this, Papa grabs Akshara’s hair and kills her. This video is very funny and fans liked it very much.

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Akshara movies

Akshara’s 2 films are ready for release and they are going to be seen in Jaan Lebuka and Doli. Jaan Lebuka stars Akshara Singh and Dinesh Lal Yadav in lead roles. At the same time, Akshara is in the lead role along with Ritesh Pandey in the film Doli.

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