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Khesari Lal Yadav and Akshara Singh have come together once again. Both have worked in the music video ‘Tsunami’. Even before this many of his songs have been hits. Fans were waiting for this song of his for a long time. Akshara and Khesari’s song ‘Tsunami’ has been released. The song is getting tremendous response. Millions of people have watched the video within a few hours of its release. Some praised their pair and some described their voice as the ruler of millions of hearts.

feet will swell

Khesari and Akshara’s latest song ‘Tsunami’ was released on Salim-Sulaiman’s official YouTube channel on Sunday. Fans are listening to this song again and again. Khesari and Akshara have made this song even more amazing with their dance moves. Hearing this, anyone’s feet will be forced to tremble.

amazing looking chemistry

In the video, once Akshara is seen in a western look, once she has adopted a traditional look in a sari. His acts are enough to injure anyone. Khesari, on the other hand, is looking handsome. Their chemistry on screen is looking tremendous.

Akshara and Khesari gave their voice to the song. Its composer is Salim-Sulaiman. Lyrics of the song are by Surjit Yadav, Shraddha Pandit and Aditya Kalve.

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