After the death of KK, Shaan’s children were worried about him, so the singer reached the cardiologist

Singer Krishnakumar Kunnath aka KK Due to the death of KK, there was a wave of mourning in the whole country. Memorable videos and songs related to him are being shared a lot on social media. He suffered a heart attack after singing on stage during the College Fest in Kolkata. Shaan, who was a close friend of KK, revealed that his children insisted that they should get their heart checked up after KK’s sudden demise. Referring to the incidents happening in the live event, Shaan said that he is often alert. He also talked about KK Professional Behavior.

Shaan Interview while talking to Bollywood Hungama said, “Not only for the artist, but also for the attendees, whenever the number of audience is more than 300-400, accidents can happen. You take a lot of permissions, and doing a show is expensive. Having an ambulance is part of the process.”

Shaan further said, “We have done many shows where there was a stampede. But at that point you get very excited – you have a live audience in front of you, what will you tantrum at that time. And you do the show. KK will not take more than 8 shows in a month, no matter how much money you pay. He was very careful.”

Heart test done at the behest of children

Shaan said, “Even after taking so many precautions, this happens to anyone. This is really very sad.” He further said that his children had asked him to get a heart test done after which he went to Mumbai. Shaan said, “My kids were also insisting, so I specially went to Mumbai for a day and got a heart test done.”

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Shaan gave this special advice

Shaan said, “I want to tell this to everyone, especially those who are above 40 years. You should not take risk and get a checkup done every two years. Shaan along with KK has given many superhit songs like ‘Dus Bahane’, ‘It’s the Time to Disco’. Shaan paid tribute to KK by singing his most memorable song ‘Pal’ at an event a few days back and shared the video on his social media account.

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