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After actor Ravi Kishan, Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh has also increased her fees. Akshara will now take double the money for her upcoming projects. Recently, Ravi Kishan had told that people used him a lot. Didn’t get paid by getting the work done. He had told about increasing his fees ten times. Now Akshara Singh is also charging more fees than before. He has taken double the money for the upcoming film ‘Darling’. There are reports that she has become the most expensive actress of Bhojpuri cinema.

darling’s fees

Akshara Singh is in discussion about the upcoming film Darling. It is being told that he has collected a hefty fee for the movie. She is accompanied by producer Pradeep Sharma’s son Rahul Sharma in the film. Rahul is being launched from this movie. On Akshara’s fee, Pradeep said, Akshara Singh deserves so much fee. She does selective work. She is fitting in our script as well. If you are charging more fees then it is a good thing, it is not a big deal.

Know what the director said

Pradeep told that there is a female lead singer in the script of Darling, due to which Akshara fits perfectly in it. The director of the film is Rajneesh Mishra. He also said that there could not have been a better option for the story than Akshara. That’s why we have signed him according to the story of the film on his expensive fee. Also read: Ravi Kishan said – people used a lot, did not give money and I could not ask

Said, people are fulfilling the demand

At the same time, Akshara Singh also says that she wants to do selective work, that is why the fees have been increased. People are fulfilling their demand, it is not a big deal. It is also a good thing for Bhojpuri industry that actresses should also be inspired to charge films according to their talent and work.

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