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After losing the title of Lock Up, Payal Rohatgi unfollowed Kangana Ranaut, said – the film should also be a flop

Stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui has won the trophy of Lock Up Season 1. In the finale, she defeated Payal Rohatgi, but Payal is unable to bear her defeat. Payal once again spit out the bubble in her mind on social media. He once again took a dig at the show’s winner Munawwar Farooqui, the show’s host Kangana Ranaut and along with the show’s producer Ekta Kapoor. After not getting the winning trophy, he even told the show ‘Ochha’ and also told that he has unfollowed ‘Panga Girl’ on social media (Payal Rohatgi on Unfollowing Kangana).

Payal Rohatgi in her post, referring to the party hosted by Arpita Khan Sharma of Kangana Ranaut and her joining this party with Salman Khan, the winner stand of Lock Up- Up has targeted comedian Munawar Faruqui.

Payal shared a post on Tuesday. She shared an old picture of her, in which she is seen posing in handcuffs, on which it is written – ‘Will Payal pass the masala test?’ With which he has also written a long and wide caption.

Payal again took out ‘angry’
Payal wrote, ‘Sad PR gimmick, unemployed celebrities were used to target me. The point is that if they know the lazy winner of #lockup and have seen the show called #Lockup then they need to know the meaning of the word payal and #BADASS.
Kangana and many A grade celebrities who came to #lockupp as guests called me #BADASS. Perhaps she did not know the meaning of this, then in the middle of the show and on the finale, Kangana realized it.

Taunt on Kangana
Payal further wrote, ‘So this means that the concept of the show was of ‘cheesy’ ideas. That’s why after bonding with the host of ‘Bigg Boss’ a week before the finale, she declared a person like ‘Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani’ as the winner, while throughout the season Kangana kept saying that the show was ‘Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani’. It’s not like a story.

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Payal Rohatgi’s post

Such a simple target on Munawwar Farooqui
Without naming Munawwar Farooqui, he took a jibe at him, saying, “A winner has a wife and a child as well as a girlfriend, but he was engaged in romance with other women during the show and jobless celebrities found that She’s real. The so called victor used to mentally attack the players and if it is in a funny way then I feel sorry for all of them.

Payal unfollowed Kangana Ranaut
Payal further told in the post that she has unfollowed Kangana. Along with this, he has also shared the emoji of his upcoming film being flop. He further wrote, ‘The so called celebrities think before doing stupid things in the media and look like a jerk #payalrohatgi.’ Tagging the lockup, he wrote in the end, what dare he, who can not create fear! Will Payal be able to handle it?

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