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Actress Shahana: On her birthday, the body of the actress found hanging from the window of the house, the family raised doubts on her husband

Mumbai: Model and actress Shahana was found dead on Friday in Kozhikode, Kerala. Actress Shahana Passes Away, 20, was found hanging from the railing of the window of her house. After receiving the news of the incident, the police reached the spot and took Shahana’s husband Sajad into custody for questioning. Shahana and Sajad were married only a year and a half ago, both of them lived in the Parambil Bazar area, about 14 km from Kozhikode, from where Shahana’s body was recovered.

Shahana’s mother and relatives have called the death of the model a murder. They believe that Shahana did not commit suicide, but her life has been taken. He has blamed this on Shahana’s husband Sajd. Shahana’s mother said- ‘My daughter always used to tell about her husband and also used to say about the assault. My daughter used to tell about domestic violence. He used to raise his hand on her.

What did Shahana’s mother say?
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In a conversation with Shahana’s mother said- ‘She can never commit suicide, she even invited us for her 20th birthday. She was very excited about her birthday. We were all planning to celebrate his birthday. Along with this, he also said that Shahana had spoken to him on Thursday itself. She says- ‘He had contacted me on Thursday only.’

Shahana’s 20th Birthday
Shahana’s mother further says- ‘Today was her 20th birthday, she told me that she would come home to celebrate the birthday. I cannot believe that he must have committed suicide. Shahana’s mother has accused her husband Sajad of killing her daughter. He told that Sajad had threatened Shahana that if he did not hand over the check for the money from the advertisement, he would kill her and she is no longer in this world.

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