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Actress Manju Warrier accuses director Sanal Kumar of blackmail and defamation, arrested after FIR

Director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan has been taken into custody by the police after Malayalam actress Manju Warrier filed a case of stalking and threatening her on social media. In her complaint filed at Kochi’s Elamakkara Police Station, the actress said that the film director is blackmailing and defaming her through his posts on social media. After the FIR was registered, the police arrested Sanal and shared a live video of him protesting the police custody on Facebook.

Police shared Sanal Kumar’s live video

It is worth noting that Malayalam director Sanal had said in a live, ‘He is going to grab my mobile phone. I am being kidnapped by many people. They are attacking me. Some goons claiming to be police are trying to attack me. Somebody please intervene and help me.’

Manju Warrier’s life was told in danger

Prior to the kidnapping video of himself, Sanal had claimed on social media that Manju Warrier was in danger and in trouble ever since he was justified in the 2017 actress assault case involving Dileep. He also claimed that even the manager of the actress is not giving any answer regarding her, she has been kidnapped by someone.

The director also wrote a letter to the President and the judge of the country

Not only this, the director also filed a complaint with the Women in Cinema Collective, saying that he does not trust the law or the police. She had also written to the President and Chief Justice of India expressing apprehensions about the law and order situation against women. But when the reaction of the actress came, it was completely opposite. On the contrary, Manju accused the director of harassing her.

Manju Warrier and Sanam Kumar have worked together

The director worked with Manju Warrier in a film titled ‘Kayattam’, which tells a story about a woman in her 40s who travels to the Himalayas and faces questions about life.

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