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Actor Vijay Babu, accused of sexual harassment, increased difficulties, police confiscated passport-visa; court warrant issued

South film star and producer Vijay Babu has been in discussion for a long time regarding the sexual harassment case. Now the police have informed about him that the actor’s passport- visa has been confiscated. Kochi city police commissioner CH Nagaraju said the travel documents of actor and producer Vijay Babu were seized on Thursday (May 19) night. According to news agency ANI, all the documents that Babu has are invalid or not valid and the police suspect that the actor had gone to another country last month.

If Vijay Babu does not come on May 24, then next action will be taken.
Kochi city police commissioner said that ‘we also have a court warrant against Vijay Babu and hence there will be no problem in arresting him.’ According to the information, Vijay Babu has told the passport officer that he will be present in the office on May 24 and if he does not do so then a red corner notice will be issued against him. Cases are registered against Babu under various sections and if he commits mistakes in the coming days, the police will take strict action.

Babu is facing sexual harassment case
Let us tell you that a case of physical abuse was registered against the actor on 22 April. However, later Vijay Babu had declared himself innocent by coming on Facebook Live and in this case he had also approached the Kerala High Court for further bail. He claimed that all this was an attempt to blackmail him.

Vijay Babu claiming to be innocent
Producer-turned-actor Babu, in his plea, said the “current practice” was that any person could make sexual allegations against anyone for the purpose of publicity and tarnish the image of a popular figure in the society. The actor said in his complaint, “Police are also guided by media reports and due to pressure of the same want to finish the chapter by arresting the petitioner for the purpose of coming in the news.” He claimed he was innocent and was “extremely saddened” by the one-sided approach of the authorities to make him a ‘scapegoat’ for news and media purposes.

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