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Actor Shekhar Subedi, who once worked in a construction company, will enter Telugu with the film ‘Reddy’

These days the craze of South movies is making people go crazy. In front of South Movies, even the films of big Bollywood stars are not able to survive. Where Kannada cinema star Yash was previously known only in the South, now ‘KGF’ has made him a global star. Nepali actor Shekhar Subedi is also joining in this episode to give flight to his dreams. He is ready to enter the South with the film ‘Reddy’ in Telugu. So today we are telling you about them…

Actor Shekhar Subedi, who has been a part of Nepali films for 8 years, always wanted to become a South actor. He considers actors Chiranjeevi, Rajinikanth, Nagarjuna and Prabhas as his inspiration to make his career. He wanted to become a South actor since childhood. Now he is ready to let his dream fly. Shekhar belongs to a family where there is no trace of acting and working in films. Talking about the story behind becoming an actor, Shekhar Subedi said that ‘he belongs to a family that does not even remember the date of his birth properly. According to the calculations of the parents, he was born in 1994-95. He has studied up to BA and once started working as a manager in a construction company. But later left the work because the passion was to become an actor.

‘Father used to run VCR on rent’

Shekhar Subedi (Shekhar Subedi Struggling life) says that ‘Even though he belongs to a middle class family, his dreams were big. His house name is Jorpati. They know that they can get any job and they can do it easily. But, he only thought about his dreams and started fighting with Nepal. His father is known to run on VCR rent. The actor started his career as a model, which he used to do in Nepal. When he came to know about theater, he did a diploma in acting. Because he was an outsider, he had a lot of challenges.

During this time he was looking for a job that would give him freedom to go to the theater and audition. His selection was done in a multi national company. There he worked for about a month. But after some time, he felt that his job was affecting his acting career. Because the job had to work till late evening. This made him very upset, he did not want to do a small role in the film. He also gave many auditions and got selected. But for small roles. Shekhar worked in a short film for the first time.

Regarding working in South, Shekhar says that ‘In the beginning, there was a lot of trouble due to language, but, when I saw interview videos of some actors, I understood that one should just present themselves well. After that he went ahead and believed in himself that he was capable of a good role. He kept working, but was never satisfied with his work. In such a situation, he learned about other successful actors and tried to learn something from them. Being an outsider, Shekhar says that being an outsider, boys like me have to face a lot of problems. Opportunities have to be found. Sometimes jokes are also made because of language. In this way many problems arise. Being from another country, sometimes frauds happen. Even a person ran away with all his money on the pretext of casting him in the film. Well, breaking all these problems and obstacles, he is ready to enter the industry to give flight to his dreams and he is still working on it.

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